ALPS Post-Surgical Gel Products

ALPS founded in 1988,  is a leading manufacturer of prosthetic and orthotic medical devices. Our manufacturing processes have allowed us to partner with Hanger Orthopedic Group to make a special liner for Winter the dolphin, as seen in the movie Dolphin Tale. Leveraging technology and product knowledge, ALPS has become an industry leader in the development of advanced gel-based products. Using our specialized knowledge, we have developed several unique product lines incorporating our proprietary gel. We have developed a line of positioning pads for use during surgery and have now launched our new Post-Surgical gel products, which you will find here in this store, for use after a variety of plastic surgery applications and facial treatments


The Post-Surgical gel products are formulated with Antioxidants that promote faster healing. The gel can be used as Cold Therapy to reduce swelling, irritation and edema. 


All post-surgical items are FDA Registered and are CE Marked 
*Gel Patent: 7,709,570*